Poulvac® IB PRIMER Zoetis

Used for active immunisation of chickens to reduce upper respiratory tract infections caused by strains of the Massachusetts serotype and Dutch variant strains D207/D274.

Poulvac® IB QX Zoetis

Used for active immunisation of chickens in order to reduce respiratory signs of Infectious Bronchitis caused by QX-like variants of Infectious Bronchitis virus.

Poulvac® E COLI Zoetis

The only commercially available modified-live Escherichia coli (E. coli) vaccine

Autogenous vaccines

For the preparation of an autogenous vaccine the pathogens are isolated from a farm, cultured and inactivated. The antigenic material is formulated into a vaccine, which can be administered just on that farm (and epidemiologically linked farms).

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