Ronozyme VP

RONOZYME® VP - Release the energy in vegetable proteins


Vegetable protein sources such as rapeseed meal, sunflower meal, soybean meal, peas and lupines are all major components in poultry diets, and can supply high levels of energy.

However, up to 25% of the total energy of these sources is contained within indigestible cell walls. By helping animals break down these cell walls in the gut, RONOZYME® VP has shown to increase energy utilization by up to 10%.
Benefits in poultry and swine diets

RONOZYME® VP is effective on both full-fat protein seeds and fat-extracted vegetable protein meals, and delivers big benefits in swine and poultry diets.
Poultry-fed diets supplemented with RONOZYME® VP achieved higher final weights with superior feed conversion. The combination of better weights and lower feed costs mean bigger returns.

As RONOZYME® VP has shown to reduce the viscosity of the diet there are also significant improvements in litter quality. Piglets fed diets containing RONOZYME® VP have shown to achieve up to 12% increases in daily weight gain combined with improved feed conversion.

Forms and stability
RONOZYME® VP combines heat stability with a free-flowing and dust-free CT (coated thermo stable) form for use in premix, basemix and finished feeds. A liquid form is also available for post-pelleting liquid applications.

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