Ronozyme MultiGrain

RONOZYME® MultiGrain – Multiply the benefits


RONOZYME® MultiGrain is an innovative thermostable multicomponent carbohydrase with multiple enzyme activities that will remain stable under pelleting conditions of up to 90°C.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain contains guaranteed levels of three key enzyme activities. Its unique combination of xylanase and β–glucanases offers the flexibility to safely formulate when using highly variable raw materials.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain delivers:

• Improved energy utilization
• Flexible formulation
• High performance
• Reduced feed cost
• High retention after pelleting

Optimal product formulation

RONOZYME® MultiGrain (GT) recovery throughout the complete feed manufacturing process is excellent. Other benefits of the GT formulation are its dust-free nature and flowability. Both of these advantages contribute to the good mixability in both premixes and feed.


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Carbohydrases (NSP enzymes):