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Phytase / Ronozyme HiPhos

RONOZYME® phytases – release more phosphorus


Phytases are digestive enzymes which release plant phosphorus from phytic acid.
Monogastric animals lack sufficient phytases to release the phosphorus. Adding extra phytases to the diet increases phytate breakdown and consequent utilization of plant phosphorus.

RONOZYME® HiPhos is the most powerful and active phytase in the portfolio of DSM, delivering exceptional and consistent increases in phosphorus availability.
Because far more phytate, an antinutritional factor, is broken down, RONOZYME® HiPhos increases liveweight gain and feed conversion in poultry and swine. And because it reduces both environmental impact and feed costs, this feed phytase also has a big impact on the sustainability of animal farming.

Forms and stability
RONOZYME® HiPhos is suited to all systems.

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