DSM's Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN™) approach delivers the fine-tuned vitamin nutrition necessary to achieve high animal performance combined with high welfare and health.

With the right vitamin nutrition, farm animals are healthier and higher-performing. It's simple - but it's not as easy as it sounds.

Many factors affect the vitamin requirements of farmed species. There is no single level that can be fed to suit all situations. An effective vitamin nutrition system needs to take account of:

• Animal factors - such as how much the animal is producing.
• Stress factors - including disease, confinement, temperature, along with many others.
• The vitamins themselves - bioavailability, stability, and quality of feedstuffs in the diet.


The optimum

Vitamin nutrition is a dynamic process. A vitamin allowance which is optimum when the animal is under no stress may become sub-optimal when the animal is stressed. A good example of this is when temperatures increase in the summer.
Getting the balance right is a challenge. Keeping it right is another challenge. Developed over many years by major scientists and continually taking account of new research advances as they occur, the OVN™ concept meets these challenges.
Setting the standard in vitamin supply, OVN™ ensures animals receive the level of vitamin supplementation necessary to allow them to produce to their potential, while remaining healthy.

The OVN™ principles have been applied successfully across the world and across all the main farmed species of poultry, swine, aquaculture and ruminants.

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