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Milk replacers for piglets

Christa Ltd., as a partner of Denkavit since 2014, supplies a wide range of piglet nutrition under the name Denkapig, tailored to the needs of the piglet during the various growth phases. This ensures better performance throughout the entire rearing period.

Denkapig’s range of piglet feeds specifically focuses on the three phases of the breeding process:

• Suckling phase
The higher the feed intake before weaning, the better the results after weaning. The complete range of piglet milk replacers and prestarters also provide a seamless transition. The ideal preparation for and introduction to solid food

• Weaning phase
The period immediately following weaning is the most critical phase in the piglet’s life. Weaning feeds that are appropriate for the digestive capacity of the weaned piglet promote the proper intestinal condition and are therefore very important during this period.

• Rearing phase
After weaning, the piglet is fed a rearing diet. Changes in the feed affect both intestinal health as well as growth performance. The successive feeds must therefore be compatible with one another. Healthy piglets provide the best results.

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