Encapsulated Nutrient

Nutrient Encapsulation is one of Balchem’s flagship technologies. Ruminants present unique nutrition challenges because the rumen environment destroys susceptible nutrients such as Choline, Lysine and Niacin.

Balchem’s unique and proprietary encapsulation technology allows nutrients to bypass the rumen, making them available to the small intestine for absorption. Balancing rumen protection with intestinal release is the key to optimizing nutrient bioavailability and is a challenge that differentiates competing encapsulation technologies.

Encapsulation Portfolio:

ReaShure® Precision Release Choline

Maintains energy balance and minimize metabolic disorders in transitioning dairy cows.

NitroShure™ Precision Release Nitrogen

For the production of high-quality microbial protein in ruminants.

AminoShure®-M Precision Release Methionine

The next generation in rumen-protected methionine, utilizing an all-natural lipid coating to protect it from being destroyed in the rumen.

AminoShure®-L Precision Release Lysine

New AminoShure-L is a more consistent and cost-effective source of metabolizable protein (MP) lysine.


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