Choline Chloride

Choline Chloride from Balchem (Italy) - Essential for Health and Productivity

Choline is important in fat metabolism, energy balance, reproduction and overall animal productivity.

While choline is a relatively simple molecule, delivering a high-quality ingredient to maximize health and nutrition is anything but simple.

Balchem is the leading producer of Choline Chloride in Europe. The company sets the highest industry standards for choline production.

Best raw ingredients, world-class facilities with strictest manufacturing standards and complete supply-chain control ensure that the product you get is premium quality. Regular audits and open-door policy offer complete transparency to address the customer needs. A number of qualities set Balchem choline apart from other options:

• Guaranteed choline content
• Excellent free-flowing properties with no caking or lumping
• Strictest control of contaminants like dioxin, heavy metals and mycotoxins
• Lowest moisture levels
• Lowest levels of residual total trimethylamine (TMA) content.

Christa can offer to the customers two Balchem's product:

• Choline Chloride 60% on vegetable carrier
• Choline Chloride 70% on vegetable carrier

• NEW Choline Chloride 75% on vegetable carrier


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