Carotenoids play an important role in animal feed. They are vital antioxidants and also vitamin A precursors.

Their most important role in poultry farming and aquaculture however, is their ability to improve the appearance of products such as egg yolks, chicken skin and fish flesh.
DSM has developed and refined these two Carotenoids products, which allows producers to deliver precisely-colored and pigmented food reliably and consistently:

• CAROPHYLL® Yellow 10%
• CAROPHYLL® Red 10%

• CAROPHYLL® Pink 10%

A special manufacturing process protects the CAROPHYLL® carotenoids against oxidation and gives them high stability, optimal distribution, outstanding mixing properties and very good absorption characteristics. CAROPHYLL® Yellow 10% and CAROPHYLL® Red 10% are sensitive to air, heat, light, and humidity but their active ingredients are well-protected by the beadlet and added antioxidant.

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