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Carbohydrases (NSP enzymes)

RONOZYME® Carbohydrases - release the value in feeds


Animals need energy to live, grow and reproduce just as much as we do. Successful livestock production therefore relies on maximizing the energy present in the diet of animals. Of course, energy used more efficiently also increases financial returns for producer.

DSM's carbohydrases increase energy utilization, animal performance and financial returns for customers.

Carbohydrates - the energy source

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy in cereals and defatted protein crops. They are present in many forms, the most vital being starch.

The cell walls of feed ingredients are made up of a range of structural carbohydrates. To access the starch within, these cell walls must first be broken down. Monogastric animals are typically able to digest around 90% of available starch, but our carbohydrases help them do even better.

The cell walls of different plants are made up of different structural carbohydrates, so specific carbohydrases are required to break them down efficiently and release more energy.

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Carbohydrases (NSP enzymes):