Biosecurity system within Christa Ltd


The video shows a very important part of our work - the biosecurity system, which aims to eliminate or minimize the risk of disease spread concerning humans and animals. 

The Christa facility is divided in “grey” and “clean” zone with restricted access for vehicles and visitors. The key biosecurity measures focus on:

External vehicles

  • Behore entering the "clean" zone the vehicles are washed thoroughly with steam jet
  • After that they drive through a disinfection arch and get sprayed with 2% Intercid solution (a disinfectant with high bactericidal and virucidal efficacy)
  • The circumference of the tires is disinfected in a basin containing 2% NaOH solution
  • The inside of the vehicles, owned by Christa, are cleaned and disinfected with 2% Intercid solution
  • The vehicle waits 30 min before entering the "clean" zone to ensure the full activation of the disinfectant

Internal vehicles

  • The forklifts are cleaned on regular basis and pass a disnfectant mat every time they enter the warehouse

People Vector

  • Hands and boots disinfecting module is installed at the entrance of the production facility. The shoes are disinfected with 2% Intercid solution, the hands - with bactericidal and virucidal cleaner

The biosecurity system of Christa includes also other measures and activities, providing a high safety level of our products and services, which is fundamental for the sustainable development of Christa and our partners. 

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