CRINA® - Delivering essential digestive performance


Digestive efficiency has an immense impact on the performance and profitably of farmed animals. Animals that use feed more efficiently:

• Grow faster
• Produce more
• Have lower feed costs
• Are more profitable

CRINA® contains essential oil components proven in trials to improve feed digestion and provide great benefits.

Essential oil components have shown to work on two fronts. Firstly, they improve the balance of gut microflora, increasing the proportion of beneficial bacteria and reducing the amounts of pathogenic and undesirable bacteria in the animal's system.

Secondly, they have shown to stimulate the animal to produce more digestive enzymes. This improves the effectiveness of feed breakdown in the gut.

Different species require different essential oil components. Here is the Crina’s portfolio:

• Crina Poultry
• Crina Piglets
• Crina Finishing pigs and Sows
• Crina Ruminants


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